Neesus Datacom has developed 802.11 Access Point software that interfaces with any wireless Client card using Intersil's PRISM II or AMD's PCnet-MOBILE MAC chip. This software has been written to port easily to various environments and has resulted in the following OEM offerings.
ROM-AP - IEEE 802.11 Software

The Neesus Datacom Access Point Software, ROM-AP, provides the foundation for three OEM object license versions addressing different applications:

 Standard 802.11 AP
 Home Gateway AP                                Point to Multipoint Bridge

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PC-AP  The Neesus Datacom 802.11 PC-AP software and drivers provide wireless network connectivity between wireless PCs and computers on Ethernet LANs, or between remote Ethernet segments.

PC-AP Access Point and Bridge Software allows a PC running Windows (95, 98, 98Me, 2K or NT), that is equipped with an Ethernet card to act as a fully functional 802.11 Access Point or as a MAC Layer wireless Bridge between Ethernet segments.

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