The Neesus Datacom 802.11 PC-AP software and drivers provide wireless network connectivity between wireless PCís and computers on Ethernet LANs, or between remote Ethernet segments.

PC-AP Access Point and Bridge Software allows a PC running Windows (95, 98, 98Me, 2K or NT), that is equipped with an Ethernet card to act as a fully functional 802.11 Access Point or as a MAC Layer wireless Bridge between Ethernet segments.

PC-AP Client Software operating in Infrastructure mode communicates via an Access Point. This allows wireless stations to communicate with any wired or wireless station. In Ad Hoc mode PC-AP Client Software allows direct peer-to-peer wireless communication.

PC-AP is compatible with any wireless card using AMDís PCnet-MOBILEô or Intersilís PRISMô MAC chip and firmware.


Single Cell Systems:

- Boardroom/Meeting Rooms
- Small Office
- Home

This configuration is ideal for the small office, home or area in workplace where employees will be bringing their laptops and may wish to remain connected to the corporate network.

Given that most offices with multiple computers have them wired with some kind of high speed LAN, 802.11 and PC-AP allows a user with a notebook to access the resources of the company network without having to be tethered to a single location.

Mulitple Cell System:

Large Office

When the area of coverage required is larger than that obtained by a single PC-AP, multiple PC-APs connected to the wired LAN can be used to create a backbone connected cellular system. With the roaming capability inherent in the 802.11 Wireless LAN cards a user can move about and remain connected to the network resources.

RF Hostile environments

RF Hostile environments consisting of many walls, or with many metal surfaces typically reduce the range of RF systems. In these situations cell size is reduced requiring the use of additional PC-APís to provide continuous coverage.